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Thread: New Editor - Looking for advice and tips from the editing guru's here

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    Default New Editor - Looking for advice and tips from the editing guru's here

    I am a new editor state side. I have a hip hop video to edit, and have a couple of questions. The client gave me this reference video.

    (Fabolous - Return of the Mack)

    Very slick and stylized video, and the footage they gave me will lend itself to a similar kind of exciting video. I have questions about the following

    1) How do i smoothly transition from the split screen to a single screen as they do in the video?
    2) How do i make the footage scrub back and forth in a scene?
    3) How do I go about showing 3-4 pieces of footage appear and dissappear as in the video.

    Thanks, any advice would be helpful.

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    1) It looks like they're using a customised cropping. For each layer of video, enter the settings and set keyframes for the top and bottom crop so that they slide into the center over a certain number of frames.

    2) There may be a reverse effect in your editing program. In Final Cut, go to Modify > Speed, and set it to a negative number. This will reverse the video and audio. Mix this up with the original footage and you'll get that scrubbing effect.

    3) You'll need 3 or 4 layers with video on each, resize each one so they all appear on the video, then just apply the above effects to keyframe at the times you want.

    Hope this helps.

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