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    First post, hope this isnt too much of a dumb question. I looked through the wiki but I don't know what features I specially am looking for in this.

    I'm making a video for my best mate, who's mum died last week. He's in a bad place, so i want to show him his mates still care, and we're always here.

    I don't know if you've ever seen the video to Feeder - Just a Day. (see below)

    but i want to make him just a random video of about 10 of his mates, just being a bit silly and dancing/singing/whatever along to a song by Incubus - Let's go Crazy (originally by Prince)

    The filming part isn't the hard bit, I can do that.

    My question...

    If I just want to take in say 20 video streams and mix them in with each other and then overlay the music over the top... what sort of software can i use, I'll admit I've been lazy and not researched this very much. I went over to an acquaintances house and had a look at his Adobe Premiere machine he has, its a little too complicated for me, don't get me wrong I can work my way round a PC, but it seems like quite a hefty piece of software.

    Can anyone suggest a piece of software that would suit this relatively amatuer project?


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    This is a basic principle of non-linear video editing. Any software from Windows Movie Maker to Final Cut can do this.

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