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    This is really wierd, but when i export a movie from adobe premiere for some reason playback shows lines which are offset. I've included an example of this as an attachment and it only happens when there is movement. Someone said that its just my laptop can't cope with the video, but when written to a dvd it shows the lines on the dvd player. What im doing is...

    using adobe premiere 6 to capture and edit the movie then export it to a windows media format at the highest quality (a 2min film is 1 and a bit gigs in this format)

    Then using nero i burn the captured files to the dvd and the edit file. The captured files are fine, its just the editied one isn't. This is kinda annoying and needs to be fixed soon, as if a show that im helping with could be going to national theatre with the video in the background so it would be nice to be fixed

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    "somebody" is talking crap. PLEASE search before asking questions like this. Search for "deinterlace".
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