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Thread: For all your recording needs...

  1. Default For all your recording needs...

    Here at The Stone Soup Project we have a wonderful, fully equipped recording studio.

    We are a social enterprise and a non-profit organization and we pride ourselves with the hard work and dedication to each of our projects.

    We primarily use the recording studio for musicians although it has been used for voice overs and film/advert soundtracks. So get in touch to get more information about our services if you think we could help you!

    Email me at - Hope to hear from you soon!

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    A couple of hints on marketing:

    1. A recording studio requires your clients to visit, so it is essential to post where your location (not necessarily your address, just locality)

    2. "Fully equipped" is meaningless; more useful would be a list of equipment.

    Good luck with your enterprise.

  3. Default A few corrections...

    Thank you Tim,

    I appreciate your constructive criticism - I am a bit new to the marketing world. I shall provide a link to our website that has all of the details of the equipment in our studio -

    Recording - Fame Factory Nottingham

    Also, we are situated in the heart of Nottingham, just off Mansfield Road. So get in touch if anyone is interested in visiting or using our services.

    Take care! And thanks again Tim for reminding me!

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    You might want to include a list of what's in your mic cabinet, and have pics of the studio in use similar to the control room pic on the home page. A list of production credits or sound samples would also be good.

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