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Thread: Panasonic NV-GS230 Audio Problem

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    Default Panasonic NV-GS230 Audio Problem

    I've recently bought a Panasonic NV-GS230 because I wanted a cheap camera that I could plug an external mic into. But when I plug a mic in, the recording level is set way too loud. I've tried a few different mics through a mixer (XENYX 1202) but however I adjust the levels on the mixer, the recording level on the camera is set too loud, which picks up a lot of hiss and extraneous noise. I need to use a mixer because the mics I have need phantom power. So I guess my question is, is there a way to adjust the recording level on this camera? I can't find anything in the manual.

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    I have the NV GS 200 which is very similar to your camera. I don't know of any way to adjust the record input volume on these cameras.

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    Most mixers are designed to output at line level, but nevertheless surely any mixer can output at -inf otherwise you'd never be able o fade to silence. Are you saying you get output when all your faders are down??

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    Thanks for your responses. I'll try to explain the problem a little better. When I drop the faders down on my mixer, I still get a hiss (like it's up so loud that it's trying to get an input, but there is no input) and it increases in volume as I bring my faders up. When the faders are down, it's not picking up room noises, but rather just the hiss. I've tried swapping my leads over (my first thought) but it's still there. I guess the reason I want to lower the recording volume is because I thought it might be causing this. It's not very noticeable when I swap to the inbuilt camera mic.

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    When it comes to sound recording and sound equipment I'm a touch outside my comfort zone, but I have a bit of information that may help lead you to an answer.

    I used to have an NV-GS230 with a little yoga mic on it which could be switched between high and low impedance (but I think even it's definition of low could be a bit higher than would normally be considered low) I'll give a link incase the figures may help.

    Condenser Zoom Video Microphone : Electret Condenser Mics : Maplin

    The reason it may help is that if it was set at high impedance it sounds like it had the issue you mention, if set on low then it was fine with the camera. As I understand it normally this standard of equipmet (camera and mic) would be operating with high impedance, but it seemed that the camera lliked a lower impedance.

    Could this be true?
    Can you change this on you mixer to find out?

    I could only use the mic in cardioid setting, not super cardioid, I always thought there was a relation between these issues, I don't know if that info could help any.

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    I've done some research on Impedance and I have to admit I'm a little confused. The mic I'm using has an Impedance of 200 ohms. The mixer it is plugged into has an output Impedance of approx. 120 ohms. From my research online, I have found that low Impedance is anything less than 600 ohms/medium Impedance 600-10,000 ohms/ high Impedance over 10,000 ohms. So it must be going into my camera at low Impedance??? My mixer is a cheap one and I can't change the output Impedance on it to run any tests. So as I said, I'm a little confused as to how to proceed.. Could this mean it's another issue altogether?

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    If that's the figures you found for defining high/low impedance then that little mic I had with it's lower impedance of 1000 Ohms is definately not low impedance. It's higher setting was around 2500 Ohms, so I wouldn't rule this issue being the problem just yet. It sounds more like I had a different problem.

    If your mic is lo, your mixer is low and by deduction your camera is high (as would be expected) then perhaps an XLR to mini jack cable with a hi-z (high impedance) transformaer is what you need right enough. You might want to wait and see if you get an opinion from someone who knows better than me, but it does seem like it.


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    It just came to mind that your not likely outputting via XLR, I don't know if you can get a hi-z transformer that you can put between your mixer and your camera, assumably 1/4 jack to mini jack.


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