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Thread: can you lose the picture quality?

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    Default can you lose the picture quality?


    I am confused about the picture quality in using adobe premier pro 7.0 software and other softer wares of that kind.

    I been told that you can’t lose the quality,if it’s shot in digital and captured with fire wire. My question is, how true this is? If not, in what situation could you lose the picture quality? By using expensive capture card, can you avoid the quality drop?

    When you are printing it video that you edited in to a dv tape using fire wire, do you lose the picture quality?

    Basically I would like to find out about losing quality while capturing images and same thing happening when you print it back to a tape or burn it to dvd.

    Thanks in advance for everyone who wants to help me understand this better.


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    every time you encode from anything to a lossy format (like DV) you lose some quality.

    From the CCD of your camera to the tape, it gets encoded. THEN it gets transferred to your pc, but it gets transferred losslessly. What's on the tape gets onto your PC, bit for bit.

    From there, it's up to you. If you write it back to tape, it'll be encoded again, and you'll lose some quality. It probably won't be noticeable, but it's unavoidable.

    mpeg1 and 2 are lossy codecs. There will be quality loss here, but whether it's noticeable will depend on the footage, the length of the footage, and the bitrate you give the video. This can't be helped either, unfortunately.

    Oh, and nope, a capture card won't help at all.
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    Sorry for the delay and thank you very much for providing me with the informations.


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