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Thread: Showtime FMX Team at V8 Super Cars Telstra 500 presented by Aussie Adrenaline

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    Default Showtime FMX Team at V8 Super Cars Telstra 500 presented by Aussie Adrenaline

    The Showtime FMX Team performing a freestyle demonstration at the Telstra 500 V8 Super Cars event at Olympic Park, Homebush.

    Pretty stoked on this clip, so let me know what you guys think. Also just made a facebook fan page for "Aussie Adrenaline" so click on the link below to follow us with image and video updates as I am in the progress of doing the finishing touches of my new Freestyle DVD "Choose your Fate". Hope you all enjoy.

    Aussie Adrenaline Facebook Fan Page Link


    Come Clean - Eleventeen

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    I liked it. Short and sweet. 3 mins is about enough for a promo like this. One thing, you seem to do what I do, and crunch the black a bit. Was that a style choice ?

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    what do you mean crunch the black a bit?

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    I mean loose detail in the black.

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    still not sure exactly what you mean haha sorry bout that is it a bad thing

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    If you look at a clip from your video the dark areas lack detail, an example is 43 secs. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I just noticed it because I tend to do that sometimes. More important than all the technical crap you have captured some insane stunts. Well done.

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