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    My first post here on this great looking forum.

    I'm just getting more serious about editing video after the realisation that I've had my video camera for several years not (about 4) and I have a mountain of footage of my 4 year old son that has gotten as far as the harddrive on my PC.

    Add to that videos I get from my PVR and I've got some work to do.

    Now it's about time I got to editing this stuff.

    What I'm after is two fold. But both answers go hand in hand.

    What software package should I use to cobble together bits of on video with bits of that video with nice fads, and title and you name it. Secondly, what format should I convert my videos to that will work best with this unknown software without loosing quality.

    Here are the specs.

    The video camera (a Sony HDR-HC1E) ouputs 1080i video in the .m2t format.

    Also my PVR (a Homecast HT8000) saves recorded shows as .TP0 files.

    Converting these to some other format is easy enough, but to what do I convert them (if I need to) and what software to edit them?

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

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    As with most things, the answer to your question depends on two key factors:

    • The size of your budget and
    • Who you ask

    The size of your budget is the first key factor. This will influence the type of software tyou will be able to afford. For example the 500 mark will get you Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. However, I would never suggets that a "beginner" plunge in at the deep end with such a big outlay.

    Perhaps the best route for you would be Vegas Movie Studio. This has an upgrade path to Vegas Pro (as I understand!). Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Product Comparisons.

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