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Thread: Problems playing DVD's created from Studio14

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    Default Problems playing DVD's created from Studio14

    I should appreciate comments regarding the following problem.
    I have a Sony DVP NS700V DVD player that is about 10 years old,
    it is generally very reliable and plays most DVD's, however it will not
    play those that are created on Studio 14. The disc is accepted and then
    after a while the display on the front of the player shows 'Title 2'.
    Pressing all buttons on the player or remote control produces zero effect.
    A DVD sent by a friend who also has Studio 14 produced the same response from the player.
    The DVD's will play back perfectly on my computer.
    I usually record in +r format.

    Could it be that I have to buy a more modern DVD player or is there another way around the problem?


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    Hi Roy,

    done a lot of editing and this is usually the DVD Player not being able to play the newer formatted disks. e.g- some older players wont play Dual Layer Disks. I think you'll find if you update your DVD pLayer they will work.

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    Thanks for the response.
    I have now bought a new DVD player which plays perfectly the discs produced from Studio 14.


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    Just an update on this. After several attempts at contacting Pinnacle - or Avid as they are now called, they came up with the following suggestion -
    Before making the DVD open the settings section and tick the boxes ‘Always re-encode entire movie’ and ‘Create disc content but don’t burn’ and then create the disc afterwards.
    I tried this and immediately produced a DVD that played on my old Sony player.
    Although very pleased about this I with rather have found out about it before buying a new DVD player!


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    I thought that I had solved this one but have now found that as soon as I add a menu to the project in Studio 14 the resultant DVD will still not play on my Sony DVD player!
    This is the case whether I use one of the ready made menus or create one from scratch. If I remove the menu and then burn the same project, it will then play on this player.
    There are no such problems with the menu's in Pinnacle Studio 9.4.


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