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Thread: Convert a DVD to MP4 or WMV for youtube?

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    Default Convert a DVD to MP4 or WMV for youtube?


    I have a DVD which contains two folders:

    Audio_ts and video_ts

    Is there a way I can convert the DVD video to an MP4 or other format I can upload to youtube?


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    Hello, aHi DVD Ripper can help you with this very well,
    The program can help you rip DVD to any kind of Video format with high quality and fast speed.
    Get a free trial from official website.
    Hope it can help you more or less!

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    i bought an empty cd-r and i wanna burn songs so i can listen to them in my car but it sais invalid dvd the format on the songs is mp3 or mp4 ineed help!!!!!]

    VLC Player

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