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    New here, just got afew questions for yall. Not really into the making computers thing and all that(unless its cheaper and still has the same quality as the quad and 8-core), but do any of the mac towers go alright for editing and content creation? i was looking at the 8 core or quad core?

    also i am pretty confused with all the cameras out canon and sony i have been looking at. Ill be using my camera/cameras for snowboarding and skating movies i already have a drop camera for my follow cam with a 0.38 fishy. But yeah what camera would be best for me? i can spend anywhere upto $5,000 AU. I need something that has afew different Fps settings as if you are familiar with snowboarding movies they are shot pretty slow, i forget the actual Fps. Something that also has great definition, something that i can go shit that looks fucking awesome not some funniest home video shit.

    also I was looking at getting in the future an high speed camera but they cost a fair bit aye?

    Also Whats the best way to store alot i mean 4 months of footage everyday?

    sorry for the questions but im keen to give this a go aye, if you guys wanna see some of my stuff i can chuck a link up.

    Thanks alot guys!

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    To many questions?

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    Well if you've got the budget, go for the 8 core with as much RAM as possible and the full quota of 1TB internal drives and that will do you right for editing and content creation.

    As far as camera's are concerned, with your budget I'd be looking at the Panasonic Varicam, you get awesome variable frame rate shooting with the Varicam. I don't know much about high speeds, but you're going to pay a lot more than 55,000 AU for one of those.
    For the amount of footage you're going to have I would recommend setting up a RAID, Drobo do good ones, you can set up a 20TB one, but the fact is HD files are massive and they only get bigger as you edit and effect them, so you're just going to have to keep updating your storage solutions.

    And chuck a link up, always like to check out new footage.

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