I'm hoping somebody hear can help me with a peculiar problem I've started encountering.

I hope you don't mind this as a first post, I've searched and searched without resolution to the issue.

In Vegas Pro 10, while rendering lossless video for windows using the Sony YUV codec I am being left with incomplete files. For a ~8:00 minute video I'm being left with a file showing 24.5 gigs, which should be about right. However when attempting to review the render, Windows Media Player plays only a sound file.

VLC displays the video, but in all cases only 19 seconds worth. This video after review must be rendered down further into several different sizes, using Sorenson Squeeze 6.5.

Thinking a possible codec problem, I've attempted to simply squeeze the uncompressed file, only to have it crash Squeeze on import.

I've tried pretty much all permutations using the Video For Windows codecs possible with the needed settings. NTSC 29.97 @ 1280x720 progressive. Native file is HDV1080-60i

I currently have one last render running through the Lagarith codec that I'm hoping might solve the issue, though I don't have my hopes up.

I have not at this point tried the Quicktime lossless formats. This would be the last option due to render times.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!