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Thread: CANON HF100/HF10 problem! Please help (inc. video)

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    Default CANON HF100/HF10 problem! Please help (inc. video)

    Hi all,

    This is my Canon HF100. I took it out to a house viewing recently to film the outside and inside of a potential purchase to show my parents later on. It was about -4 degrees Celsius outside. I filmed the outside of the house and garden etc for about 4 minutes, then put it in my jacket to carry about (about 10 minutes). When I tried to use it again 10 minutes later to film the inside of the house, it wouldn't start up properly.
    It would make the start-up chime noise, but the screen stayed black. The only way to turn it off was to remove the battery. I tried to turn it on about ten times, even pressing the reset button behind the battery but still, nothing.
    I presumed that it must be too cold for it so I took it to the car and blew warm air on it for a minute or so. Then it started up fine. Except that it was now making the noise you can hear on this video. The noise would stop and start occasionally whilst filming, but I got what I needed and assumed the noise would stop later...... It hasn't :-(
    After more investigation, it appears that the noise only happens when the camera is tilted to the left and stops again when tilted to the right. When the noise occurs, autofocus seems not to work (as shown in this video) but as soon as the camera is tilted to the right again, the autofocus seems to 'kick in' again.

    Best to view in HD Shows focus problem more clearly.

    Any ideas any one?


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    Well it's a new type of cam, so you're the test subject I'm afraid. But since you mention both noise and autofocus, I'm wondering if this might be related to the clunking sound that the DVX100 always had whenever you tilted it? The following is from Adam Wilt's web page about strange noises coming from the DVX100 when he first used it way back when:

    When the camera is switched off or put into VCR mode, parts of the lens assembly (possibly the optical stabilizer or the focus mechanism) clunk loudly as the camera is tipped back and forth. This is normal.

    The autofocus motor makes a lot of noise as it locks in on a focus point. You'll hear it through the built-in mics, and you'll hear it by ear in a quiet room. It's noticeable because it's intermittent and because most other cameras are quieter in this regard, but usually the autofocus motor isn't much louder than the zoom motor or the tape transport.
    Panasonic has other, newer cams that do this too. I haven't heard of a noise exactly like yours yet, but it seems to be tied into the autofocus system like the others, and your noise certainly sounds like a servo motor that has a gear off-track or something. At any rate, I would try taking it off autofocus for a day or so and see if that makes the noise go away.

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