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Thread: Vegas Pro 8.0 thinks uncompressed AVI file is a sound file; can't play or edit it

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    Default Vegas Pro 8.0 thinks uncompressed AVI file is a sound file; can't play or edit it

    Hi there,

    I created an uncompressed Windows-AVI file using another package (Cyberlink PowerDirector . It was around 2gb.

    I could load and work with this file in Magix Movie Maker Pro 15 and Adobe Premeire Elements 1.0, no problem. But when I try to load it into Vegas Pro 8.0, dragging it from the media area to the timeline, it is considered to be an audio file -- that is, an audio track is created to accomodate it -- although no waveform is visible and it won't play. It is of course uneditable.

    When I try creating a blank video track and dragging the AVI file to it, it's not accepted -- rather, a new audio track is created and this file "goes" there (again, it won't play etc.)

    Vegas can, however, handle a Windows-AVI file if I use a compression codec called the Lagarith Lossless codec. Despite the name, it is not entirely lossless, but it is pretty good. However, I want to use uncompressed AVI files when piecing together videos to keep things as pristine as possible before final rendering time, at which point I use a codec.

    Any ideas why Vegas can't seem to handle the uncompressed AVI file while the lesser software packages can?

    I'd be grateful for any help.

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    By the way, before posting I DID read the sticky which had a link to soeone asking why Vegas won't handle AVI files made with certain codecs. My case is different in that the AVI file in question is uncompressed, i.e. it uses no codec. Surely Vegas should be able to handle something so generic?

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    In practice, generation loss from re-encoded video is unnoticable. For example pretty much everything I have ever edited is compressed in some form or other. Personally, I would save myself the heartache of chasing this, and edit with what you know works. I'd be very suprised if anyone noticed any degredation in quality.

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    Thanks for the reply, Marc. In most cases I would agree with you. But in my experience, compositing is an exception. I can notice a difference in chroma-keyed footage; the only way I've found to avoid effect-spoiling degradation is as I said to keep everything uncompressed until the final mix, where I will use something like the Lagarith or Huffy codecs. Therefore, with respect, I still consider this "ticket" to be "live"

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    You know, not all RAW AVI files are created equal. Every editor does something a little different with them including things like pixel types and color coding. Thus, not every RAW AVI file will open with just any editor. So despite being called uncompressed, there are several differences that can go into making even an uncompressed file.

    I would take Marc's advice and just use a good compression codec with it. The main thing is to use one that has RGB color. At least that would make sense to me since most NLEs use RGB color space. I'm guessing Vegas does too. That way the color space won't keep getting resampled. And most effects use RGB too from what I understand. It just makes sense to me that you should stay in RGB all the way through whenever possible.

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    Why not just use the original footage from your camera ? Making a lossless .avi seems like you are putting unnecessary additives in your workflow.

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    Why not edit in a workable format then prior to render swap back your footage? No good?

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