Hi all,

I'm looking for a good quality RCA to USB converter to record old VHS tapes onto the PC to put onto DVD's. I've looked at several on Newegg and Amazon and read many of the reviews, but nothing is really sticking out as being particularly 'better' than the others.

This is the kind of device I'm looking for:
Amazon.com: StarTech SVID2USB2 USB 2.0 Video Capture Cable: Electronics

Does anyone know of any specific brands that are especially good quality or are most of these devices going to give about the same video/audio quality?

My OS is Windows XP Pro. I have a dedicated PC set aside just for video recording purposes so I can put whatever Service Pack is needed to make it work (one of the devices had several reviews mentioned that it didn't work with XP SP3).

I'm trying to keep it at about $50 or less. Any help would be greatly appreciated!