I have some wedding video files from a Samsung camcorder with the file extension .SDV that I'm trying to edit into a movie playable in a DVD player. My somewhat emergency is that my plan is to give the video to the bride and groom this Friday, right before he is deployed to Afghanistan. I have tried for months to do this and I have come up with almost nothing.

The files require an SEDG codec. I don't know if I have the necessary codec, but Avidemux (video editing software) is the only video editing software I have found that will play and edit these files on my computer - Windows Movie Maker and Nero will not.

I have tried downloading the codec from Samsung's website, but there's something wrong with the file and it permanently crashed my previous laptop, and this laptop's security software won't even let me install the codec. So, that seems like it's a no-go. I have also downloaded an all-in-one codec, but this hasn't helped either.

My goal is to edit these clips together (complete with some fades and/or wipes, intro music and credits, exit music and credits, and music overlays during the movie) into a movie then burn them to a DVD that's playable in a DVD player.

Here are my questions:

What format do they ultimately need to be in to burn them to a playable DVD?

How do I convert these files to that particular format? (I've read it's very easy to do with Avidemux, I just haven't figured out how to do it yet.)

Avidemux won't add add effects like fades and wipes between clips (it's a basic editor), so I'm thinking I could recode all the files to the new format, then use Windows Movie Maker (or something else) to do the fancy editing. What do you think? How can I convert these .sdv video files into something either WMM or Nero can read?

If anyone has an easier route for me to take to make a movie with these video clips that has fades, wipes, and opening and closing credits, I'm very interested to listen.

Thank you very much for your help.