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Thread: How is it done ?

  1. Default How is it done ?

    OK, want to have a go at doing a new intro ready for next year, but its not something i am great at.

    I want something that looks like its been done properly and not done by someone who doesnt know what they are doing

    I like the kind of effects etc in this intro, this is probably along the lines of what i would like to get......

    So to save me hours of messing around with things, can anyone strip down any bits of it and explains how its done, what with etc

    I possibly / probably dont have anywhere near the software to do it properly, but i am sure there are ways of getting something similar with what i have, or by getting something to assist making it

    ( just using Videostudio X3 and have Photoshop Elements 2.0 )

    Any info / advice / tips welcome


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    That was almost undoubedly done in After Effects. Prepare to shell out a ton of money for it.

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    While this was most likely done in Adobe After Effects, you could still do something similar by resizing video in other layers to display over the top of the background video, then add borders, and draw lines that are keyframed to move across the screen.

    I'm not sure if you could do that in VideoStudio X3, but I know you can in Final Cut Express.


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