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    Im new to the forums and I was just searching for some video editing stuff, specificly sound effects and I came across here. Please check this video out. Its wrestling WWE and stuff but its really good I got nothing but good comments about it and its 50mbs cause its SVCD (near dvd quality) runs for 1:52. If you ever watched wrestling on TV youll see that they do a lot of video editing for the storylines and stuff and the community im in is really advanced thought I havent been able to check any of the stuff here yet... but please check this out and tell me your thoughts and remember its SVCD meaning youll need an MPEG-2 Decoder. I used Premiere Pro for this.

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    Ye gods, encode it with MPEG4

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    Whats the point? If you got PowerDVD or any DVD player installed its gonna play with it plus I get better quality.

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    but the whole point of distributing something over the internet is that people can download it, so smaller files=better for the internet

    the point of encoding in MPEG-2 is to be compliant with stand-alone players,

    if you encode in MPEG-4, then you can have comparable quality with a smaller file size, and more people will download it.
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    Plus of course there's the bandwidth allowance that your host has.

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