Hey everyone!

I'm new here and am looking to get started making some shorts. I am interested in both animation and film. I have no experience whatsoever this is purely a hobby I hope to become very passionate about as I develop my skills and experience. I have access to Photoshop and Vegas Pro 9 which I am just trying to learn from online video tutorials and the provided tutorials in Vegas in what spare time I have.

I am very keen and commited to this interest but, unfortunately, on a very limited budget (student afterall) but I don't think this will stop me too much as I see this as a long term commitment. I am currently on the market looking for a beginner level camera but have no idea what I am looking for...(if anyone wants to chip in their two cents I'd be very grateful).

What I am asking is how you got started in this field. What tips/advice you can offer to someone with no idea where to start. Basically, what do you wish someone had told you when you first got started?

Also I would love to hear any stories about yourself like projects you've made, problems you've faced, etc. How did your first project go from start to finish (in as much detail as you can be bothered to go into...).

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. Any and all replies will be appreciated dearly!