I’ve used Pinnacle 14 most if the times and does the jobs well. However, my latest 4 Films on DVD production are giving me a problem. My movies are from Canon camcorder that is not HD. The quality of my movies is very good even from this cheap camcorder. However, here is the problem:

The 3 movies edited in the AVI-DV format play beautifully. However the fourth one has “Shakes or Jitters”. It is the larges file of 4.4 GB. I’ve tried to do it in 720 dpi, but it is worse yet. Most of these movies play well on my PC, but I get these Jitters on the last film when I burn it to final DVD. I play them back in 52” Aquos TV, maybe that is too big of a format. I use Roxio 10 for final production that worked well in last few productions.

Can I render to MPG2 to have the same quality as the AVI-DV or AVI – 1080 format?
What do you recommend? Thanks, MrGrey1.