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Thread: Running HDV Out Firewire From NLE to View on TV

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    Default Running HDV Out Firewire From NLE to View on TV

    Is this possible? With Vegas Platinum there's a toggle above the preview monitor for running out firewire to your cam, and assumedly from your cam to your TV so you can see your edits on a TV screen. Unfortunately, Vegas seems to only output regular 4x3 SD-DV through firewire. Thus, my 16x9 HDV footage is squished together in a small 4x3 DV frame.

    Also, while I can see the above mentioned DV output on my cam, I'm running an HDMI cord from my cam to my HDTV, and there's no signal getting through to the TV. That is, I monitor my shots from the cam to the TV through HDMI just fine when recording on the cam, but when running from my computer NLE to my cam, and then from the cam to the TV doesn't seem to work via HDMI. Is this typical?

    So, is there a way to make Vegas output HDV instead of DV from the NLE to my cam during editing? And is there a way to then take that footage to my TV? Is it the HDMI cord that's holding me up? Or is it just something with Vegas outputting that SD-DV signal that's responsible?

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    First off, do you have DVI or HDMI out of you graphics card?

    Secondly, and dealing with SD here, I get FULL 16x9 on a 4x3 SD monitor, but I have to select 16x9 all through external monitor settings. I'm not StudioPlat aware on such things, but it must be similar to VegasPro?



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    I've been working on a dual monitor route instead lately. I'm just using the GPU built into my ASUS M4A88T-M/USB3 MOBO. The GPU is a Radeon HD 4250. It has D-Sub, DVI-D, and HDMI outs. I just tried running the HDMI out to my HDTV to see if it would work. (I'm using Windows 7/64-bit). I managed to get my computer display to show on my TV, but the display on my computer monitor went black when I did. I couldn't get Windows to see both monitors (it wouldn't detect more than one at a time no matter what I tried in the display panel). I'm wondering if maybe it's because I'm using the DVI-D cord for my computer monitor? Could it be that the GPU won't allow me to use two digital outs at once, seeing as how a DVI-D is really nothing but an HDMI without audio? I guess I could go back to my D-sub cord for the computer monitor. I haven't really noticed any performance enhancement from using the DVI-D anyway.

    I have to select 16x9 all through external monitor settings
    I just found that in the Vegas settings last night. While it may work to un-squish the footage going to my cam through firewire, it won't help me to get an HDMI signal to my HDTV though, so I haven't messed with that setting.

    Also, someone from Sony's own forum told me that HD will not go through firewire back to my cam for external monitoring from Vegas or any other NLE the way DV always has.
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