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    Is that whenever I see an effect on a screen I would love to learn how to make it, the only issue is that I do not know what its called, making the job of finding tutorials quite impossible. I know this probably isn't the correct forum to put this up on but if any of the video Guru's could throw some light in this that would be great! I have seen this effect around the place but dont know what its called or even how to achieve it. I would imagine some kind of after effects but I am unsure does anybody know what this text effect is called or how to achieve it? Any help would be much appreciated! (Please see video below)

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    I don't know for sure. I would guess After Effects. I could do the same thing in Flash though, but it would take a lot of work there. All NLEs come with text effects though, so it could have been done in any number of them.

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