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Thread: Sony HVR-V1U Low Light Test

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    Default Sony HVR-V1U Low Light Test

    I shot this in my computer room at night with nothing but a little Bescor 50-watt LED light on the shoe mount six feet away. The footage was 24A with cinema tones. People think this cam does bad in low light based on its 4-lux rating, but anyone who has owned any of Sony's better cams knows that they have such usable gain that the low lux rating doesn't amount to much. My SD JVC cam has a 1-lux rating, but I don't think it looks as good in low light as this Sony. The real test outdoors at the St. Louis arch will come next weekend though.




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    I've always been a Panasonic man but all the reviews I've read about Sony cameras indicate that they perform well in low light compared to the competition. I think it's good to post these "real life" tests, they may not be fully scientific but give a good real world example of performance.
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