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Thread: Reddish Tint in Menu Lettering After Installing New Monitor

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    Default Reddish Tint in Menu Lettering After Installing New Monitor

    Okay, I apologize up front for this not being a video related problem, but I figured maybe some of you may have run into the same situation at some point. I recently got my first flat panel (and wide screen) computer monitor. It's an AOC F22 model. I've never had a monitor bigger than 17" before. This one measures 22" and is 1080p. Frankly, it makes any photos or videos I watch look like it's low rez at full screen, even if it's 1080P HD footage.

    Also, I've noticed that the lettering on menus has some red in it here and there in the lettering:

    I bought a DVI-D cord to connect to my computer with hoping that would help, but it looks about the same to me.

    Any suggestions?
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    Okay, I just thought of something. Since my screen is so big now and adjusted to a 1920x1080 resolution, I had adjusted the display settings to 125% in order to make lettering bigger for me to read. I just put it back to 100% and the red tint went away. I wonder why? Unfortunately, video still looks low rez at full screen.

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