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Thread: Which camcorder looking at Panasonic

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    Cool Which camcorder looking at Panasonic

    Hello everyone getting back into my favorite hobby will be purchase my first tape-less camcorder. I edit with Avid Media Composer 5. I do not do this for a living just a hobby. The events I will be using the camcorder for is things like Air, and Car Shows, Vacations, and family events. I am looking at the Panasonic TM700 and HMC-40 and if I can fine a used one HMC 150 but the 150 most likely will be out of my budget, back to 700 and the 40. What are the major differences between the two? I worry about the 40 maybe too big for taking on vacation. I would love to read any suggestion and feedback on the cameras. What are the advantages disadvantages? I am open to for Sony or Canon suggestions also.

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    This was my short list ...

    Canon HFS21
    Sony CX550V
    Panasonic SD700

    I note the Panasonic all be it the TM700 and HMC-40 versions are on your list..... after weeks of deliberating i went for the Panasonic. as i have a stack of SD's i dont really need internal storage so chose the SD700 version . the Panasonic may not be the best looking/best built out of the bunch but full manual control, including focus ring, 3MOS, external mic input, headphone out, EVF, cold shoe mount, 1920 x1080 50p (just hope my pc os up to it )

    Also, almost universal positive reviews and my own previous experience of Panasonic product thats the one i eventually chose. its not ultra compact but its on the right side of un intrusive for holiday and family stuff and with all the manual control and external mic input decent for more series stuff when the time arrives
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