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Thread: Camcorder Tripod: which one!!

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    Default Camcorder Tripod: which one!!

    Hello guys, I am about to buy a tripod for my camcorder (Sony HDR-XR155E). What I want is a good height (approx. 165-170 cm) and ability of panning and tilting. Of course I do want something in cheaper. So, what do you recommend?

    I myself have searched online and found couple of tripods those I could go for:

    Cullmann Primax 190 51901: Electronics

    Cullmann Nanomax 260 - Tripod: Electronics

    Manfrotto Modo Maxi 785B Compact Tripod - Jessops

    Sony VCT-R640 Standard Tripod for SR37, SR57, SR77: Electronics

    Now, I am quite confused which one would be best for me as I am going to shoot a short film recently.

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    of the tripods you have highlighted, the cullman 260 is the best, and consquently the most expensive. They are all, however, very much amatuer tripods and none would be generally recommended on here for film-making. Your tripod is your most important item after you camcorder, so you should be prepared to spend accordingly. The ones you've mentioned would probably do to keep the camera fairly still, but as soon as you want to start any sort of pan, you will find it wanting.....
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