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Thread: Panasonic NV-GS120 - End of the road

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    Default Panasonic NV-GS120 - End of the road

    My Panasonic NV-GS120 has started recording with black lines across. Also when the viewfinder is moved the picture only intermittently appeards at one place.

    Is the end of the road for it?

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    If the black lines only occur during playback, it could just be a dirty tape head. Is the viewfinder and the LCD screen showing the same thing ? I have the SG200 great little camera of in time, it would be sad to see it go. If it turns out to be internal electronics it could be beyond economical repair. Do you have a place near you who will give a free estimate for repair. I hope you get it sorted.

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    The lines did appear on the downloaded file and the LCD, however playing it again now there's just a plain grey screen and sound only. Are you saying the video should be seen in the viewfinder as well as the LCD on playback? That is black. Does the tape head need cleaning then? I've never done it. Is there a special tape to play through it like the old cassette players. I know of no shop other than a Camera shop in Beverley.

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    How's this for a coincidence. I was shooting with the GS200 last night and found after reviewing the tape that after about 25 mins it started to get black lines. Well it's like the screen is split up into eighths, ok picture black line ok picture black line etc....
    I can't say for sure that all that's wrong is the tape head needs cleaning. You often get head cleaning tapes when you by a pack of 6. I forgot to ask if this problem happens with other tapes on mine it plays other tapes ok. BUT this could mean that it has recorded badly due to a malfunction of the tape I used was a duff tape. There is the remote possibility that it's just a duff tape but I doubt it. As other tapes play back ok on mine I suspect it's the record head where the problem is.

    I think when you flicking out the LCD screen it turns off the view finder on your camera well it does on my GS200.

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    It had never occured to me that there is a viewfinder - I just find the LCD more useful. Would a dirty tape head cause the LCD not to work? Presumably you can buy a tape that cleans it like in the old tape cassette days?
    This morning the LCD is just plain grey and in the viewfinder I could see what I WAS FILMING BUT NOT SEE IT WHEN i PLAYED IT BACK.

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    A dirty tape head would not cause the LCD screen to go blank. That is a different problem. When you are in record mode, if you remember to take the lens cap off, you should see what the camera is pointing at if not you have a poorly camera. When you are playing back a tape and the screen is blank this could be either a poorly screen or a blank tape. You would still see the info on the screen though such as battery life indicator, tape count down etc.

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    Have ordered a Tape Head Cleaner, if that fails its Ebay for parts!

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