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Thread: lagging/stuttering video, anyone know how to fix?

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    Default lagging/stuttering video, anyone know how to fix?

    Hello! So, I'm a newbie, I was googling trying to find the answer to my problem and couldn't find anything but this forum seems pretty helpful, so I figured I'd ask here.

    Basically, I have edited together a 6 minute movie in Sony Vegas Pro 10, but the end video has a sort of lag to it (I'm assuming this happened after rendering, I'm not sure). It's a little bit hard to explain... it's like the images are moving so fast they produce a shadow image that trails behind, and you can't see active moving figures completely clearly because they're shadowing (not like a black shadow, all colours are bright, but the image can't seem to keep up with itself so instead of a figure moving crisply across the screen, it drags, blurring with multiples of itself).

    I have speed up the film to approx 2.247, and added a contrasting layer of 0.02, and have increased the gamma to 1.500, because otherwise the video footage is too dull. My video is in the correct format for HD on YouTube. I have made another video which I speed up before, and didn't have this problem, so I am wondering if it is because I added the layers, it is somehow making the lagging imagery? It doesn't wholly negatively affect the video, but if I could remove it I would really prefer that, so I end up with a nice crisp video.

    I have uploaded a copy of this video onto youtube already, but made it private so I can try and fix it and re-upload, but if you need a link to what I'm talking about I can make it public. But maybe someone already knows what I mean and can offer some suggestions to fix it XD

    Thanks for any help!

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    Is it possible for you to show a few screenshots about the problem you are facing? I think it will help to understand it properly as this seems like worded matter.

    Please let me know.

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    Here's some taken just now. In some places in the video, it's very noticeable that this effect is occurring while running. But I noticed that it runs through the entire video, because it doesn't matter where I pause it, you can see the double imagery. It isn't because this is an animated movie, since my last one was too and didn't have any problem like this.

    I hope I don't have to remake this entire movie to fix the problem >.<

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    It's called ghosting. There are a couple of things that can cause it, but the usual culprit has to do with NLEs either importing or exporting a file type that another editor (or say an mpg creation program) can't handle correctly. For instance, if you try to import a clip shot at 1080i to a timeline set to 1080p, you might get a ghosting effect. Or if you try to take a 1080p HDV movie into an mpg converter program that will only do interlaced frames, or only goes as high as 720p in progressive frames, might cause it. You need to experiment a bit with your settings, and not rely on what YouTube recommends so much. Their recommended settings might be something your programs can't handle correctly.

    Speeding things up can cause ghosting too sometimes. Ghosting is something you see in animation much more than in straight video. It also helps to convert any interlaced frames to progressive before you ever start working on it.
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    Thank you for the reply. I will have to experiment a bit more then to figure this out. I was wondering if it was even my Fraps that was causing it. But I had a few questions...

    - What are NLE's?
    - I'm only using Fraps and Sony Vegas, not another conversion program - should I be?
    - What's are interlaced frames and how do I make them progressive? XD

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    NLE = "Nonlinear Editing" system; in other words, a computer video editing program such as Vegas, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro etc. rather than an old fashioned analog tape based linear system.

    Interlaced and progressive frames requires a fairly lengthy explanation, so I'd sooner just refer you to Wikipedia on that one. I normally wouldn't recommend Wikipedia for much of anything, but their explanation of this is fairly straight forward.: Wikipedia/interlaced/progressive frames

    I can't really answer your second question because I've never used Fraps and don't know enough about it. If it's simply doing screen capturing, then it's probably doing it in progressive frames since all computer monitors display in progressive frames. I would make sure that I stayed in progressive frames all throughout the editing and uploading process, so check all your options and preferences to make sure that there are no options for interlaced frames checkmarked.

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