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Thread: Sync video and sound

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    Default Sync video and sound

    Newbie warning... I'm new to digital video and need some advice...

    I frequently audio record conference speakers (radio mic) and put together a web based flash presentation which is the slides + the recording.

    I've now been asked to video them as well as record the sound. I have a Panasonic SDR-S50 (which I've not really played with much yet) and I will stick with separate sound recording.

    I'd appreciate advice on some suitable software that will let me amalgamate (and sync) the resulting video and audio into a suitable Flash final product.
    Cheap would be good!

    I don't even know if it's possible but also having the presenter's slides in an enlargeable 'picture in picture' would be nice!!

    I've posted this here rather than the specific s/w forums as I don't (yet) know enough to be more specific!


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    Most of the basic editing software will do the picture in picture you want but rendering out to Flash is another thing. You may find you need two pieces of software to do that OR you could render it out as an mpeg2 from some thing like Sony Vegas and upload it to YouTube then down load their converted .flv file.

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    Does it have to be Flash?? I'd chosen that as it seemed to be the best approach for streaming video reasonably efficiently from a web site which doesn't have any fancy video streaming capabilities.
    Is that in fact the case or are other formats equally viable?

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    It does seem as though most of the "video" sites are playing flash (.flv) as this is very efficient for file size and image quality. BUT I'm not a website expert for my site I just upload to YouTube and then embed the videos. You will have to know what video player you have available to you for your website and to render out what ever is best for it.
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