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Thread: A question regarding software.

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    Default A question regarding software.

    I was wondering if there is a way to merge multiple source video files into one video. Not putting one after the other but truly merging them. Is this possible yet? Do we have the technology?

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    If I understand you, then Yes it's very possible to do.

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    Thanks for the feedback, but I don't believe so Marc. A good example would be this:
    You and your friend each bought a copy of a movie. You and said friend each made a rip of the D.V.D. to view it on their computer(for personal use). However both of your rips end up sub-par. Could you put both copies on one computer and use software to merge the 2 sources into one, removing some imperfections?
    Edit: Does seem similar to Digital compositing. Will check it out.
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    Seems to me you have two possibilities of removing imperfections:
    1) Run movie A until you get to a bad bit. Run movie B from just before that bad bit until you et to another bad bit etc etc. You have to say which movie is good at each point. Any editing software can do this.
    2) Run both movies simultaeously, compare differences pixel by pixel. When a difference is found software could tell there is a difference, but how would it know which one is correct? Can't be done. (Actually, I guess there are various algorthms you could use to determine which os more likely to be the dodgy pixel, but f such software exists, I guess its likely to be developed for restoration of media).

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