Located in beautiful Phuket, Thailand helping businesses get the exposure they need, its been said that a picture says a thousand words, but when advertising your business a Video will say a MILLION words more.
Getting a Internet commercial professionally made and uploaded to Youtube, “the biggest media website online” will not only get you the exposure you need but it will give your audience a better understanding of what service or product your selling.
Youtube Facts: “Youtube is the worlds largest Internet video media website online and has become a hub for business owners selling their products & services. Youtube gets more views then the top 3 World news TV stations combined in one day!. Youtube has become the worlds new TV with full length movies, to short info “how to”, travel videos and much more.”

Captivate you customers by embedding your Youtube videos to your website, giving them a virtual tour of your business establishment, Real Estate Property, or a info commercial offering your product and services. Having a Youtube Channel will not only draw attention to your business but will also increase traffic to your website more so then any SEO, Google Adwords etc..
I know what your thinking!, “I have a Youtube video already but in 1 year it only received 50-200 views”. This is very common for most companies that post a quality video to Youtube, they think because they paid a filmmaker to make them a professional video that 1 million people will click on your video link. Thats where PVMM Marketing services come into play, in order to get your Internet promotional video recognized you need to market your video(s) and Youtube channel(s) properly. For more information read my “PVMM Marketing Services” page.
PVMM also produces Family Holiday Montage video’s, capture your Thailand vacation on film, have it professionally edited with your song of choice and put on to DVD, this is a great way to remember and share your wonderful Thailand holiday experience. We also offer professional photography to capture your holiday experience because, who wants to ask a stranger who cant take a good picture with you digital camera when you can have a professional on site?

PVMM covers it all for professional Videography, Photography for everybody’s needs, Weddings, Events, Vacations, Company advertising and online media Marketing.

PVMM will not only make a professional Internet promotional video for your website but we are also professional Photographers.

We also offer our Youtube marketing expertise and will create and/or maintain your current Youtube Channel and turn it into a highly viewed popular Channel with thousands of friends, fans, reach your targeted audience with thousands of Youtube video views and subscribers using PVMM Youtube Marketing secrets that will optimize the sale’s of your service’s or product’s guaranteed!.


We do work for Real Estate Co., Resorts, Spa’s, Tour Co., Travel Agencies, Fitness Centers and more.

PVMM director Daniel Baci is a professional Videographer, Photographer, Video Editor and a Youtube marketing expert!

Phuket Video Media Marketing also covers local and national Thailand events such as,

•Weddings – Get your wedding filmed, captured and created into a Montage video with a beautiful soundtrack to DVD + a professional Picture CD. (Video examples coming soon)

•Family Holiday Montage Video’s & Photo’s: Capture your Thailand holiday memories onto DVD & CD, professionally edited with your song of choice.
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