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Thread: Specific editing effect?

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    Question Specific editing effect?

    Hey guys, the noob of the night is here with a possibly retarded question.

    First off, not too sure if this is the right section, but I really couldn't find one that was any better.

    Now for the question: this video right here (also embedded below) has an effect I really like, that is very heavily used from around 0:30 to the end. It is on beat with the song, and it seems to separate the colored channels of the video and spread them vertically. I'm sure this isn't the most technically sound explanation but I did the best I could with the words that came to mind this late.

    Quick replies would be great, since I'd like to finish my little video here before the end of the night. Thanks in advance everyone

    EDIT: I have After Effects CS5, so an AE effect would be preferred, but even just the general name of it is very helpful to me.

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    Apply the 3D Glasses effect to your video layer in AE and set the left and right views to the same video layer as you applied the effect to. Set the 3D View to balanced Color Red Blue, leave the Balance at the default value, and animate the convergence offset from 0 to somewhere around 10 or 20 and back to 0.


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