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Thread: Uploading a video on Amazon s3, How to embed it in the Webpage?

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    Default Uploading a video on Amazon s3, How to embed it in the Webpage?

    I have an Amazon s3 account, and want to host some videos on there. I dont want to use youtube to host, which is why I am asking about amazon.

    I have basic 10 minute powerpoint videos, about
    10,000 KB in size, and dont want them to go slow.

    I want these videos hosted on webpages, which I use Dreamweaver to make.

    How do i connect this Amazon s3 Hosted video to my Webpage?

    Do i need a seperate video player installed on my server? and have to insert code into my webpage, which links the s3Amazon video, to the player, to my Page ?

    I can make page changes using dreamweaver, but how to you link the s3 amazon video of mine to my page, so people can view it worldwide?

    Can you give some steps please, or a video to give instructions? or tutorial ?

    Also, which video player is this? this is the kinda of thing i want to do

    (view this picture)


    ^ Which player is that? and please give some assistance to my above questions.

    (I want to use Amazon s3, before you suggest a list of others)

    Thanks in advance...
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