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Thread: computer not picking up camcorder

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    Default computer not picking up camcorder

    I have a Dell Vostro 1710 laptop (Windows XP home SP2) and a Sony Handycam DCR-TRC730. Which the computer will not pick up. I am connecting via Firewire, my computer came with a 4pin firewire port which a few pins are bent so it wouldn't pick up the camcorder, so I had to but a firewire card (Dynex DX-ECFW). the computer picks the card up but when I connect my camcorder to the card nothing.

    When I open Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 or even Adobe Premiere 1.5 it shows "CAPTURE DEVICE OFFLINE"

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Does any unknown devices appear in Device Manager when you plug the camera in?
    Right click my computer > Properties > Hardware (tab) > device manager

    It might have something there but not have the correct drivers.

    That could be another avenue, see if theres any newer drivers on the Sony website for the camera & firewire.
    Check the dell site for the latest drivers for the FW device too.

    Does the FW option need to be setup in the camera? ie "turn on firewire"

    Thats what I'd check firstly

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