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    I have just got a canon xm1, when i connect a firewire my computer doe's not register it. The lcd on the xm1 says DV in , i can't change it to DV out, I have connected my canon mv800 with the same cable and my computer reconises it straight away
    can anyone help with the xm1 settings

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    Have you put the camera in to play mode and not camera mode.

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    Yes yhe camera is in vcr mode, Dv in is flashing on the lcd, my computer will not regester the camera

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    If the settings where right shouldn't the LCD display DV out ? I'm not familiar with the camera so this is just speculation.

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    yes thats what i am saying, i need the lcd to say DV out

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony w View Post
    yes thats what i am saying, i need the lcd to say DV out
    Best thing I can do for you is point you at the manual this is the GL1 manual which is the American equivalent of the mx1 (same camera different name).

    Sorry I can't help more.

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    try to install a new driver.
    you can get here the manual of your canon

    Tell me if you solve your problem
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