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Thread: best camera for sport...

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    Default best camera for sport...

    ...or other moving objects with their own minds.

    started with GoPro, tested, filmed random stuff etc. and - of course - realised, that I need a bit more.

    As usual - there are plenty of reviews out there, but after a day in mighty internets you actually have too much information and feel more than confused.

    what would you suggest and why? i am looking for HD/60fps, that's for sure. optical zoom. good behavior in not-so-good light condition without using extra light sources. possibility to change lenses.

    would be really interested and happy to hear any ideas and wiews. as well as links to similar discussions.


    oh, budget! up to 4000USD [that's would be a fairy tale where i get a credit of some sort]. BUT - object is price/performance.

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    See my post about the Panasonic AG-AF100. It maye be slightly more than you want to spend, but it should be the cat's meow for what you want to do.
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