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    I found a few photos at Time Magazine's online archive of Hitchcock at work on a couple of movie sets. Thought it was interesting to see the lighting, mics, dollies etc. Boy they put a lot of work into things. I'm pretty sure all these photos are from the 1942 movie Shadow of a Doubt. The first photo shows the front of a 2-story house built inside a studio. Can you imagine the amount of work that went into that? I guess that's one way to get rid of traffic noise! Note how high some of the lights are above the set along with the shear size of lighting. Even in the two outdoor shots they use a lot of lighting, and I mean a lot! Also pay attention to the old ribbon mics, how high they are, and the angles at which they're set. I just sold an RCA BK-11 to a steel guitar player in Switzerland via Ebay. Nearly all the old ribbon mics had a figure 8 pattern, so they pickup up sounds from both the front and back, but they rejected sound coming from the sides really well. They had huge ribbon elements in them. You could place them at a good distance without the sounds thinning out the way modern condensers do. They were great stage mics. Fortunately we're starting to see a resurgence in their manufacture again. MXL has a couple of very inexpensive models that aren't bad at all. Ribbon mics are delicate though.




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    It's very interesting seeing how the old pros do things. I saw a documentary about Hitchcock the other week on TV. He was a real cinematic innovator well his DoP was who had to work out how to do the shots he wanted. Great stuff.

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    great pics swoopie!

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    In the first picture there's a guy standing at the bottom of the stairs holding something in both hands that looks like a miniature snow-blower. I wonder what the heck that thing is?

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    I don't know I can't make it our but I liked the woman around the side of the house chilling out in the chair.

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    Yeah, I think that might be Janet Shaw. It's hard to believe none of the guys are eyeing her up. I'd have been looking for another chair.

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    Picture one - that's waht you call a camera crane! Fantastic pics - a good find!

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    When I first saw that crane I thought it looked like the octopus ride at an amusement park. Must be nice to have that much fun at work.

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