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Thread: Interesting Sound Problem!

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    Default Interesting Sound Problem!

    Hey everyone!

    New to the forums! I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this problem, not sure if it can be fixed but willing to try anything and everything.

    Just finished recording a video there few days back, problem is there is background music playing for the cd player and its slightly louder than the people talking. I cant re-record as my brother has went back home (only visits once a year).

    Was wondering if there is any way I can delete the music steam on its own and leave the voices in?

    Many thanks for reading,


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    Not really. It's like trying to take the flour out of a backed loaf of bread. You can try a noise gate but if the music is louder than the voices then you'll loose the voices and keep he music. There are things like vocal cancelling software that generally don't work for that purpose but might have some weird and wonderful effect on your sound track alternatively you can try an expander which basically does the same thing as the vox cancel but you have more control over it.

    If it's a stereo recording you might want to have a listen for if anything is more dominate on one track that the other and use the appropriate in mono.

    Regardless of what you do your results will be at best slightly improved. Sorry.

    Oh, all the above treatments can be done on Soundforge but most audio editors are much the same.

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    You could use all kinds of bandpass/notch filters and whatnot, but the results would still be less-than-optimal. Even though the sounds (voice/music) come from different sources, to the editing system all that sound is blended together and comes from a single source - the audio track. The only sounds that consist of a single frequency come out of a frequency generator, everything else has a range of frequencies that make up the sound. Filters take out ALL the sound at a given frequency (call it the 'base'), so you can reduce the intensity of the saxophone but leave the harmonics which gives you a 'thin' sounding sax, but you also reduce the intensity of peoples voices, leaving you with 'thin' sounding people.

    If the music being played is in a higher register than the peoples voices, you could reduce the treble and maybe make the voices more intelligible, but if the sound is on the track, you're stuck with it.
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    There's not a LOT you can do about this. everything suggested so far is a good starting point but you'll never completely fix this.

    On top of everything else that has been suggested, good post-production audio work could help (mastering, or maybe just compression) but it will wont fix the issue.

    Moral of the story: every audio track needs to be mixed seperately.

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