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Thread: Filmaker Urgently needed to film live music performance on Saturday 27th Nov 2010

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    Default Filmaker Urgently needed to film live music performance on Saturday 27th Nov 2010

    Hi There,

    I am looking for someone to film a live video performance on Saturday 27th November at the Ministry of Sound, London. It is very dark in there so you will need good lighting, hand held cameras only as there is not much room to set up a fixed position.

    The Live PA will take place around 12.30-1.00am.

    The filming should be high definition and I would need it edited to be able to put op on my website/you tube as a promotional tool.

    As I am yet unsigned I have a very low budget (around 250.00), but you will be able to use this in your portfolio for your own use as required.

    Please contact me via email with CV. Please only get in touch if your are definately available this Saturday. I need someone ULTRA reliable - no letting down at the last minute thanks!!

    my email is:

    please look at my website: Jasmine June.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi there, how did your night go.
    Unfortunately I didn't see this post until today but if you ever need anything like this again drop me an email/text. I have filmed in the Ministry of Sound before and specialise in nightclub dj filming having produced promo material for Jack Penate, Pendulum, Judge Jules, Tall Paul and many more.
    My rates are good and I'm 100% reliable (If I confirm a booking I'm there without fail... my price NEVER changes... what you're quoted is what you pay)

    My website is undergoing changes but you can contact me in the meantime

    Kind Regards

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