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Thread: PluralEyes and syncing software

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    Default PluralEyes and syncing software

    Hey folks, Quick question...

    After seeing the results of friends films and The Gadget Show's test the other night I decided to quite the HDV and go DSLR and bought a Canon 550D which although produces beautiful pictures the sound has to be recorded on another format which isn't a problem.

    What is a problem is syncing it all afterwards. I've always done it the hard way or just left all cameras rolling (so you only have to sync once) but there's software out there that can do it for us. I've been looking at Pluraleyes and Dualeyes but are they really the only software that does this?

    Cheers, Fraser

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    I've got a three camera shoot this weekend recording on a ZoomH4n. One of the cameras will be locked off and recording all the time, another one will be recording the whole time but operated the third will be on and off so I'm interested to know what peoples thoughts are with it. I down loaded a free trial of pluraleyes last year but couldn't get my head round it, so gave up. I've been doing it "the hard way" ever since.

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    there is Woowave Sync Pro is simlpe to use and never failed me,download free trial from woowave

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