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Thread: Camcorder for family use

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    Default Camcorder for family use

    I am looking to buy a camcorder for general family use.The most i want to pay is 350.I have been looking at two from John Lewis as they come with a 2 yr warranty :
    Panasonic HDC-SD60EB-S SD at 319
    Sony HDR-CX115 E at 336 - VAT
    (they have an offer to reclaim the VAT on Sony items) =286
    We have mainly Panasonic equipment in our house.
    Please can you recommend a suitable purchase

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    I can't comment on the Sony but I've bought 2 x Panasonic SD60's for recording work. They're tiny but seem pretty durable, record in 4 HD modes and has very good auto settings, manual setting are a bit fiddly but available if you're inclined to get creative and films are easy to transfer to computer. For my line of work they are ideal!

    I only have one negative you might wish to consider as it's for family use. They only record in HD so if you want to do a simple upload to YouTube for example you'll probably have to compress it first using the included software.

    Still photo's are okay but I've seen very few camcorders that take good stills when compared to a dedicated stills camera.

    Other than that. I can not recommend it enough! It's excellent value for money and you could probably find one cheaper (about 300) if you shop around.

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    Default Thank you

    Unless somebody else recommends another camcorder i will go for the Panasonic.Thank you
    optheatre for taking the time to reply to my thread,much appreciated.

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