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Thread: Final Video~~~~ (after my 2 posts here)

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    Thumbs up Final Video~~~~ (after my 2 posts here)

    After my 1stand 2nd draft of the video attempt, and promising a "Full Version" soon to come... tada~~~~~~~~~~! With new music and all, come see!
    (Here is my 2nd version post along with 1st version inside here

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    I think this is a very good effort. It clearly says what you do and it's presented in a pleasing way. It left me with one question. Do you do one off design and prints or are you geared up to do 100,000 ? What is your market ?

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    cool cool~

    well, we don't really do "only 1" print per say since there are so many market that does that now. We are more of the "geared up to 100,000".

    Our current market is in the Electronic Products related industry. Most common application to get a better idea would be Custom Laptop Skins as some might call it, or mobile phone cases/covers. We are aiming particularily in the laptop industry (not solely), where we will hot stamp the laptop cover with a particular design they or we carry, give those cover back to their clients laptop manufacturer, where it will be assembled as a final product. You can see a finalized version here in our sample section here at What you see aren't prototypes, I have one running right next to me .

    We do diverse orders to how many ever amount needed. I mentioned how "we can't do only 1 prints" but it just refers to that we may sadly have to decline your request due to "we can't get profit" reason. So far, the most interesting product a customer came for is to do hot stamps for toilet seat and toilet covers : ). So we let the idea go with the customer. We can also do some hot stamps on clothing like material, such as laptop sleeves. You can see this short slideshow like page to see a sample of what I mean:

    Just FYI: if you want 100 cover and have 5 graphic designs, we can hot stamp 20 covers per design, ending up with a total of 100; rather than "100 covers per design, total 500 covers" direction. We offer our service worldwide : ).
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    I think what brother Blue is saying is that you might want to think about letting your audience in on exactly how much volume you can handle, and/or how small an order is too small and that sort of thing.

    I thought the video was extremely well done myself. The only suggestions a I can offer is that perhaps it was just a bit too long, and the audio track was much too loud. Never normalize audio for a video.

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    ah, here are the detail I have at the moment.

    If iPhone/ mobile phone covers 5,000 pcs + order,
    laptop covers - most likely 200 pcs + order.
    others = depends on product needed to be printed

    Depending on the sampling, we think we can print/hot stamp near 800 pcs per day. (iPhone cover)

    As for audio comments, thanks. I made it 256kb audio for this but didn't fool around with the other settings since I didn't know what they would do. We have a 36sec version, which I posted on other parts of the forum here, but here is the short version. I may change/upddate it to make it similar to what the long version has.

    For the 2nd version (short version)
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