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    Default fraps video question

    im making one of those ''gaming videos'' to upload to the internet. If the video recorded with FRAPS is 1280x1024 resolution and i want to have the video look good as possible what kind of aspect ratio, resolution and settings should i render the video at out of Sony Vegas?

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    1280x1024. it's always best, if possible, to keep the same size as the origional footage. set the size as is and the pixle to square.

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    what about WMV vs. MPEG file types? Without regards to file size, is rendering the video to Mpeg2 going to 'look' different in any way compared to rendering it to WMV?

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    I've always gone for mpeg. The best way to see whats best for you is to loop a 10 second region and render that in variouse ways and see what you like best.

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    well take a look at this short clip that was rendered at these settings:

    Audio: 1,536 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, WMA
    Video: 59.940 fps, 1280x1024 Progressive, 6.3 Mbps
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000

    CBR mode ( iwas wondering about the difference between variable and constant bit rate)

    this one was the 1028x1024 wmv. i think the volume is set too high but you be the judge. i tried slowing down part of it just to see and it seems like sony vegas doesnt make the audio sound very good when slowed down though im pretty sure theres some options around there somewhere

    YouTube - 1280x10-24.wmv

    then these are 2 clips both of them rendered at default 720p but the first one is wmv and the second one is mpeg2

    YouTube - 1pass
    YouTube - mpg2.m2t

    i was thinking even with te higher resolution video it still seems a bit pixelated and i was wondering what the hell to do. btw they are all at 60fps which makes a noticable difference with how the image looks because they arent inserting as much of that motion blur stuff.

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    For what they are they all look ok to me. YouTube compression although vastly improved over the last couple of years can still be less than perfect.

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    ok this here is the finished product, which i rendered at 1280x1024, 30fps, wmv file, with the default bit rate and other settings default, square pixels, i think set to widescreen, the sound is 256kb/s at 44khz

    as far as sound goes should i have turned the gain down on the volume for some of this stuff? the audio seems
    to get distorted.

    then im really still not that happy with the picture quality here but eh

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    also when you go to the actual video page on youtube you see that the picture doesnt take up the whole box, what resolution or setting would it want a video to be at in order to conform fully to the box?

    Would i just need to render it at a 16:9 aspect ratio?


    eh i found you can put in a tag yt:crop=16:9 and that zooms the picture in but then you are missing part of the picture
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    when i tried recording the game at 1280x720 resolution 16:9 aspect ratio (in-game), rendering to 1280x720 at 60fps and then uploading that it actually looks pretty good

    im not sure if it can look better than this ?

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