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Thread: Another Noobie Here. HELP!!!

  1. Default Another Noobie Here. HELP!!!

    Hi everyone, sorry to be a pain and I have tried looking over this site for the answers to my questions. They are probably there but I've missed them.

    My equipment - Sony HDR520VE camcorder, Sony Vegas Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack.

    Can anybody please explain to me the best format to render and save a project so I will get the best quality video to DVD. I have burnt a couple of DVD's already and they do look ok on my TV. I have a HD rear projection TV. I just don't know whether I can do better. When I look at the LCD screen on my camcorder the picture is soooo perfect and clear. Is it meant to look the same after burning to DVD? What would be better... WMV, M-peg2, M-peg4 etc when I render and save?

    I am also considering buying a Blu-ray burner so I can burn to BDR discs. Will I notice a great difference?

    Sorry If I am not being clear but I admit I am battling to understand the whole Video Editing thing.

    Thanks again

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    I don't think it's fair to compair what you see on a 2" LCD screen with a 50" rear projection TV.

    If your making a DVD this will take your 1080p HD footage from the camera and convert it to SD. So by the time you are watching the DVD it is now 720 x 576 size instead of the HD footage 1920 x 1080. You also loose image quality from the lower bit rate of SD. You really should render the footage to mpeg2 at around 8-9 Mb bit rate for the best quality for DVDs. There is a DVDA template in Sony Vegas that you can use for rendering.

    If you get a Bluray burner and have good footage and render it properly, then you should see an improved image quality.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the help Midnight blue.

    So I should always render as a M2T file? If you render the file again after already rendering what happens? Does it get clearer? (Sorry if this is a stupid question).
    Also you mentioned "rendering the footage properly". What exactly do you mean? Doesn't Sony Vegas do this for you?


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    No the opposite the more you render the worst the image will get. Render to a .m2t file for computer viewing but if you put that file onto a normal DVD it will be brought down to a SD mpeg2.

    By rendering the footage properly I mean having the correct settings. Simple things like having the wrong field order can make the image look horrible. Or having a low bit rate will give you a blocky image. Sony Vegas has standard templates which are fine to use as far as I know. I haven't used them all. Codecs and rendering is a mysterious art which is why using the template is usually the best thing to do unless you know what you are doing.

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    I'm slowly getting there. Last night I just had a very small clip which I used Sony Vegas for. When I went to author the clip in DVD Architect it asked if I wanted to burn it onto a normal DVD or Blu-ray. I selected Blu-ray even though I do not have a blu-ray burner. I half expected the program to tell me that it could not detect a blu-ray burner only a normal DVD burner, it didn't. It burnt fine and when I watched it through my Blu-ray player (Playstation3) on my HD Rear Projection TV it looked good. Did it still burn in SD mpeg2?

    I am purchasing a blu-ray burner tomorrow so if I try the same thing but with the blu-ray burner with a blu-ray disc it will stay as a .m2t file and I dare say a better image?

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