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Thread: prob capturing video to begin edit..?

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    Default prob capturing video to begin edit..?

    heh lads,spotted the forum while i was browsing the net in search of help.i used to do some basic video editing in the past and decided to get back into it.but now being the digital age im getting kinda stuck.hope you can help.
    i borrowed my friends video camera (its a hitachi hdd camcorder about 4 years old) filmed stuff and then wanted to edit it on my laptop.has no firewall connection so got the usb and viewed it on the laptop.prob is that the cameras memory is full and the file is 27gig!.so it takes forever to access the laptop and when it does i can only watch a small bit and i cant even jump to the latter half of the videos.have windows movie maker which will play it but when i go to capture the video,it in short crashes presuming its cause of the size of the wondering how can i start to edit my footage,do i need to convert,compress etc?please help thanking yous in advance ianc

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    If it's a file based system on the camera you should be able to copy the files across to your computer via USB cable then view the selected file on your laptop. It's not like the DV tape capturing needed via firewire if your camera has a hdd.

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    My advice would be to first copy the whole thing to your PC. I would then use MPEG streamclip to start cutting the video into chuncks ready for editing. You can then import these chunks of video into Windows Media Player for editing.

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    I've never use a hdd camera doesn't it make a seperate file every time you press the red button.

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    heh guys thanks for the info.will try that mpeg streaming thingy it sounds good,
    as reguards making seperate files everytime you press the red button that is what i originally thought that i may be able to do
    but it just seems to load them in to 1 big file at least when your downlaoding them to the laptop.on camera itself you can view the individual files weird no?..thanks again

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