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    Hi there - glad I have stumbled across this forum. I am in the process of setting up my own social media marketing business. I would like to be able to offer clients the opportunity of me doing short videos for them since this is so effective when you used on facebook pages etc. Only thing is, I have 0 experience in doing this. Would the Flip Ultra HD camera be suitable to do videos like this ie would they look professional enough? Bear in mind I will be charging for the service so they would need to look good. If not, what sort of price range would I have to look towards? If I wanted to make better vids would I have to purchase an expensive video editing software? Does it take a while to learn how to shoot/edit good vids? Bear in mind the limit to what I would be doing would be going round a business, filming workers in action, interviewing people, and then putting it all together. Thanks for any help, its much appreicated

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    Believe it or not, I've seen some very nice looking videos on YouTube recorded from those little Flip cams. The problem you may run into though is that they certainly don't look very professional. Paying clients will probably expect to see a large cam with lots of bells and whistles (whether you use them or not).

    Editing standard definition miniDV video is generally quite a bit easier and plety good enough for web work. You can find some real bargains on used prosumer DV cams nowadays on Ebay and the like. For instance, both the Canon XL1 and Panasonic DVX100 cams can often be had for around $1,000 now. They're large cams with tons of features (but hey, you can still set them on automatic) that have been used for countless commercials and documentary films over the past decade. The footage can also be bumped up to HD easy enough if you ever need to by using certain programs made for doing exactly that. In my opinion it's far better to have a really great standard definition cam than a toyish high def one.

    I would say, get something along the lines of one of those cams on the used market and a good non-professional NLE like Premiere Elements or Vegas Studio (around $100 each), and you'll be in fine shape.

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