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Thread: 3 or 2 diferent clips are in one .

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    Default 3 or 2 diferent clips are in one .

    i am searching for a program for video editing
    how can i make it so 3 or 2 diferent clips are next to each other in one
    . i mean like
    myself but 3 times . in one frame . or so .
    i am sorry , have no idea , i edit allot , but only with pinnacle , ulead video , but havent got this option . or is it only for tv they can use that lol ?? i dont know , sorry .
    greets . daniele .

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    I don't know the software you are using so I don't know if it is able to do it. The easiest way to do this is to set your camera on a tripod, position yourself or someone in the frame somewhere and move to 2 or 3 different positions on screen.

    Then in your editor split up the video and put each section on a different track in the timeline.

    Then you need to use a tool such as a crop, a mask or a matte to clear out the parts of each video that aren't needed and you can see all 2 or 3 instances of the person in the same scene.

    Adobe Premiere can do it using either a matte's or crops, perhaps Pinnacle has such a tool.


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    Default okee thaks allot

    but i dont realy know what is a TRIPOT mode ,
    should it be on my and most cameras ??
    i now , may sound verry dum ..

    but i wil try it .

    yes , and olso some one told me sony vegas movie studio .
    but oh dont know how it works , but i keep pratising , i got the hang of tat now .
    yes what i ment was ,
    its just like i record meself 3 times and then place those togeter , so there s tree people on screen at once . but THanks allot

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