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Thread: very cool stop motion music video!!

  1. Default very cool stop motion music video!!

    Hi guys!!

    I just want to share a video that my amazing friends did in NYC!!!

    Its all stop motion focusing on iconic parts of the city. The music is their original as well.

    YouTube - Perl and Porto - This is Reality (stop-motion music video)

    Hope you all enjoy!! And would love to know what you think!!

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    I like it. It's a cool idea. I hope you don't mind if i ask, but how did they do it? The only way i can think about right now it's making a photo for every position. And for instance when they were going down the stairs they would've made a photo for every stair step(or what is it called...)

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    Thank you! Yes, you are right, it is composed of a few thousand still shots, so like you say, a picture for every stair.... the camera work is a bit shaky but nevertheless it is very cool, and is supposed to be a music video rather than just a stop motion video.... well both, you know ))

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    The two guys in question is that a photograph or a recorded video?...

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    It is all still photographs. I was told that it was over 2000 photos. So they had to jump for every photo. It took a really long time, I can't imagine!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by divinebliss View Post
    The two guys in question is that a photograph or a recorded video?...

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    Default Did you know

    That particle illusion is a very good software for getting fireworks graphics in your video?

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    it could have over a million views if the music was is nothing but subliminal voice overs with a soft music accompaniment. Brilliant video, disapointing audio.

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    I especially like the bookend motif of the same scene at the end (but backwards!) as in the beginning. There were some times when the jerkiness of the backgrounds got a little too distracting, but I'm sure what they've accomplished is extremely technically difficult so my hat is off to them!

    I disagree a bit with the poster above on the music--I like the surreal quality of the audio, and the "reality" theme really worked for such a senses-deceiving video.

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