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Thread: stop motion music video!!

  1. Default flaoting stop motion video!!

    Hello fellow video editors and fans.

    I'd like to share a very special video with the group here.

    These are a couple of my friends and I in New York doing some really cool stuff with video.

    It is all stop motion, showcasing NYC streets and so on. Lots of jumping and sliding photos, interplay with the environment.

    YouTube - Perl and Porto - This is Reality (stop-motion music video)
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    Sorry about that!!!! ))

    Please do enjoy the stop motion video!!! It is my and my friends' work!
    Much love and respect!!!!

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    I appreciate the massive amount of work that has gone into this project. While technically I've see better videos like this, I do know that I couldn't have done this. I the music didn't help to keep my interest in the visuals.

    Well done.

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    It is true that the camera work is shakier in this video than in others done using stop motion.
    The main difference is that in this one the camera pans at times, like the flying scene in Central Park, where as in the less shaky projects the camera always stays still on a tri-pod.
    I think it's what makes this one unique and artistic!

    Thanks again for giving it a look!!

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    I did notice the pans. If you try this sort of video again, you could keep the camera on a tripod and put it on a dolly. just set the curve of the track and you will have smooth pans. Good luck.

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    Do I sense a little old-skool 'Underworld' influence?
    Again; I'm new here so wouldn't want to flood the forum with 'ohh that's good' ... however credit where it is due my friend!
    How long did it take to film? (Apologies should you have explained via youtube already)

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    Thanks! It took about a week or so to film, lots of jumping... and much more time in the editing room.

    I love Underworld!!!! Definitely!!!

    Here's the link to some tracks on Soundcloud!! Some newer stuff!!!
    Perl and Porto's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Thanks again!!!

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    Thumbs up chap!
    cheers again

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    Amazing video .. i love thisss!

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    I loved this, if you dont own a tripod theres a technique you can use if you have vegas pro 10, first render the entire movie into a clip then you can use the feature where you can get rid of all the movment of the camera (cant remember the name but its simple to find)
    7/10 for the entire vid

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