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    Hello, I'm completely new to video editing!

    I'm from a blog called Under the music tree, we look at music from a city called cambridge and what I want to do is videos of sessions and interviews, and I've done a couple already. I'm quite good with the sound side of things so I've got a good quality sound recording but not video, but anyway thats not important. When I recorded them I treated them individually, something I won't do that again. I need some software where I can sync them together, it doesn't matter if it costs money, I'm looking to do this for a long time. At the moment I'm using something called Ulead, but the timeline automatically snaps to segments so the audio will either be slightly infront or behind the video, any tips or information would be great!


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    I've never use that software but I'm sure there will be an option to switch off the snap to segments it may be something like press the shift key while dragging the section. Or even an option in the properties settings or what ever it's called in your software. If your not happy with your software try Sony Vegas it works really well with this type of thing.

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    I've tried looking and I can't find one, and yeah I don't think it's widely used, it's my schools soooo I think that explains it, and because no one uses it there's no support for it on the internet
    Thanks for the tip, I'll look into it, cheers

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    Your Ulead software company is now owned by Corel. I found some tutorials HERE if that's any help.

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